ONN streamer - Hamburger Button Pls!

I'd like to have the Hamburger functionality on the ONN UHD streamer remote. I haven't found it; it could be programmed to the banner/flag key below the power button. Is there a way to discover the key code mapping?

On the FireStick the Hamburger gives you the Info/Options choices that lead to closed captions on Channels DVR programs.


Will this hamburger button offer McDonald's?

The Onn UHD streamer for $20 is an underrated device for Channels (and Kodi if you are only using 2 speakers).

Does the Onn remote have the big circular button/pad? If so, pushing the bottom of that should bring up that options menu. Same as on TS4K, Chromecast w/GoogleTV, and Firestick 4K.

Yes, the ONN remote has circular navigation "button" & the bottom does get me to the options/closed caption choices I wanted.

Thanks for the reply.

TS4k offers remote shortcuts by colored buttons.
Can the ONN remote access any of these? The Flag, Up & Dn arrow buttons (right side of remote) seem to be unused by channelsDVR.