Open NESN 360

I enjoy watching NESN 4K coverage via the NESN 360 app. Is there a way to shortcut it in my guide? There are listings for the 4K channel. I would like to be able to select the program from the guide and then have it open from the NESN 360 app. Possible?

I think you may be interested in Channels Support - Import Content from Streaming Services with Stream Links or Channels Support - Import Content from Streaming URLs with Stream Files

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This looks like it's for things to go into my library. I want to be able to point from the guide.

I see. Sorry about that.

Let's hope that somebody else will have another suggestion for you.

It is my understanding this isn’t possible currently. Even if you created a stream link that did what you wanted the only way to get it in the guide is by creating a virtual channel. If you use stream links on a virtual channel it will populate the file in the guide but if you select it nothing will happen.