Open to a place of your choice

Could we have a setting to open the application to a place of your choice?:

  1. Last page / place
  2. TV Guide
  3. Recordings
  4. Films

I second this request, I would like for Channels to open by default to Live TV, whatever channel I was watching last.


Thanks, could you vote for it please

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I was just searching to see if this option already existed. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear so. I have my FireTV open the Channels DVR app by default via a Logitech Harmony remote sequence. I would love for it to automatically tune to the last channel I was watching. Then when I ask Alexa to turn on the TV, I don't need any interaction with my remote.


Up-voted. This would certainly make things easier in our case. Either opening to the last channel viewed or at least having the option of starting up on the first channel on the dial.

On the Tivo Stream 4K I found an android app that would launch this app whenever the device booted up. But I still have to select a station from the guide. Not a huge deal for me, but for my Mom an extra hurdle. We are not live using it yet (waiting for something I need to move our antenna to a better location for OTA) but I showed it to her and that's the only part of the equation she is uncertain of. The cable provider she has used for the past decades is old school. There's no guide. Just punch in numbers or scroll up/down through the channels. That's all she is familiar with and is resistant to change.

It's not a huge deal for me to get her started as we live in the same home, but it would definitely be nicer if when the app launched we could choose what the default starting point is.

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I like it.

Bumping this. Would love it if the Channels App (CCGTV) would allow one to select what module it opens to (in my case, I'd prefer guide)

If I'm not mistaken, this is present in the current betas, and will be part of the next stable release due next week.


Fingers crossed. Mimicing live linear TV is a plus. Now if we could have it stay on live TV while we hit one of the guides, even better.

Works great in the beta... :slight_smile:

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