Opening Channels from Siri shortcut, often fails

I have a morning shortcut that opens Channels and turns on my TV every day at 8 AM. Prior to iOS/tvOS 16, it worked flawlessly and dependably. Now, approximately 40 to 50% of the time it fails with a message saying that the action took too long to complete. Is anyone else running across this? I have since moved to the 161 beta on my iPhone, but not yet on my Apple TV’s. Just wondering if perhaps there is a fix in the beta for this?

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Thanks for the report, will check it out.

I filed a feedback with Apple as this is not just happening with the Channels app. I will probably install tvOS 16.1 to see if it makes any difference. Will report back…

Shortcuts are almost always jacked after a new major OS release. I’m seeing all kinds of other bugs like my watch constantly asking me for permission to run them, even if I’ve already approved it.

This happens every year. So hopefully that’s all it is :crossed_fingers:

Yes, me too! I’m really hoping some stability comes to shortcuts as every time I get things working (held together with scotch tape and rubber bands), Apple breaks something…

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