Opening in Airplane Mode

I just started using Channels DVR as an eventual replacement for my TiVo. My wife's favorite feature of the TiVo is the ability to download shows to watch offline while on airplane flights. I can download recordings on Channels, and watch the downloaded recordings at home using wifi, but if I go into airplane mode I get the splash screen saying "Your Channels DVR Server could not be discovered" which is obvious, but I don't see how to dismiss that screen and go to the Library/downloads. In other words, I can't get to the downloads screen when in Airplane Mode. Other than that, so far it seems like a great replacement for my TiVo. I'm running iOS 16.3.1 on an iPhone 13. Thanks for the help.

Are you sure you have downloaded the show to your phone? It should immediately take you to downloaded when you open the app. If no shows are downloaded it goes to the cannot be discovered. It is working for my quick test.

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That was it! I guess in my experimenting, I cleaned out the downloads. Good to know it's only a user error :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick reply.