Opening UI to guide (TIVO Stream 4k)

I am running Channels DVR in one location on Tivo Stream 4k. The UI let's me pick from 3 "Channels" to put on the main screen - On Now, Movies and Up Next. In Channels, I have set it to open to the Guide and it initially does (flashes for a second) but then it gets overridden by TIVO and the "channel" comes up. Is there any way of adding "Guide" as a "channel" that TIVO would see so one could select it as the default for the UI?

Unfortunately, I think the only way around this is to disable the TiVo apps.

I pretty much have - I have disabled com.tivo.launchercustomization, & Tivo Stream. I think I am just running a barebone launcher - it's just the customize launcher interface allows you to pick home screen "channels" (ie amazon, netflix, etc) and one of them is "Channels DVR - Beta" Under that, it shows three options (one or more can be picked) and they are On Now/Movies/UP Next which they must be getting from Channels App. I'd just like them to add a fourth choice "Guide" that would bring up the guide.

There are a dozen more apps you have to disable. Look for de-tivo on their forum.

Because of the nature of those rows in the launcher, a full guide cannot be shown there. The closest result to what you want is to set the row to "On Now", and then it will show what is currently airing on your favorited channels.

I don't want or need the full guide to show on the home page. All I want is that when channels opens (when I select it), it opens to the Guide. That is what I set inside the Channels app and the app tries to do it but then TIVO overrides that with whatever is selected as the "channel" that is being displayed. I suspect that is just passing an instruction back to Channels which causes it to change. I just want Channels to ignore that instruction or to give me a fake "guide" channel that displays "On Now" in the UI but shows the Guide inside Channels. If that can't be, so be it but I think there are at least two ways to solve the problem.

I guess I'm not understanding your request then; we're probably using different vocabularies, using the same words to refer to different things.

If you can be deliberate and explicit, please describe exactly:

  1. Which steps you are taking, in a sequential, repeatable order
  2. What result you are expecting to see when you follow this series of steps
  3. What actually happens

Perhaps with some more details, we can help you to a solution. Otherwise, I'm afraid I just don't understand, and hopefully someone else can help you.

Is there not another way to launch the Channels app on the device?
If the app is set to open to the guide, I would assume if you pick the app icon to open it, it should work.

Unfortunately not. Opening the app icon OR pressing the guide button on the Tivo remote both open the guide for a flash and then it reverts to "Up Next" which is the way Channels was added as a "channel" in the UI.

If I turn off Channels as a Tivo "channel" the same behavior persists.

If I reboot, then the Channels icon and the Guide button work as they should (but I lose Channels as a Tivo "channel"). Which is probably my best solution at this time.