Operate remotely?

I have channels on a wall mounted fire tablet. I am in a wheelchair so I can’t physically get at it to change channels. Is there anyway to use my iPhone to do that like I do with my Apple TVs?

It's not currently possible but this has come up before and I think we can make a setting for it. You're trying to use the "Play To" feature right?




Not sure which tablet you have but I was happy to learn recently that an Echo Show 15 can now be controlled by the FireTV remote. And naturally, it works with the Channels app.

Regular Fire tablets and iPads unfortunately don't have the same functionality.

I have a bunch of Android devices and iPads running Channels now that I've been wishing could be remotely controlled. This would allow the replacement of full TV setups with less expensive tablets. A virtual remote with the basic navigation commands built into the Channels client app would be a dream come true, but simply being able to "Play to" these devices would be awesome as well.

I also use home assistant and the Apple tvs integrate fine. The fire tablet just shows unavailable so I can’t call favorites that way.

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It would be great to just be able to switch Channels from Tablet mode to Set Top mode on the Tablet, so the FireTV remote would work properly. Other apps give you that choice.

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