Option to regulate volume

It would be nice to be able to regulate volume with channels. Some commercials have their volume up very loud. It’s very disruptive sometimes. Is it possible to regulate this?

count me as wanting this as well...especially (if possible) on commercials on some of the tv everywhere channels.

My FireTV cube does this it has Volume Leveling... use it at night.

Would love to see this as well. Maybe and option to run commercials at 75% or 0% volume?

I'd like this as well plus the possibility of 'padding' the volume by source (HDHR Source vs TVE Source). I still notice that the TVE shows have a much higher volume level then my Antenna sources.

Or to just keep volume ranges consistent. Not just commercials. I can adjust volume to what the channel needs. I just hate when commercials are way louder than the show or movie I'm watching. Especially at night.

Yea. A "night mode" or some sort of Volume Leveling feature would be nice, however, I think the DVR is passing the data stream direct to the device, ie, not processing the audio at all.

Also, most TV and sound bars have built in Volume Leveling feature of their own.

:+1: You should just go ahead and use the audio equipment you're using for lowering sound at night.

The Apple TV even has it's own built in.

I am using a Nvidia Shield, that has no such setting sadly.
It has 'Dolby Audio Processing" not exactly sure what that does/is, maybe their simulated surround sound? it is not well documented.

My audio device is a LG 32in HDMI computer monitor AUX out jack into the AUX In of a set of Creative T4 2.1 computer speaker set. (my desktop and the Shield share the same monitor and speakers).

So would be nice to have a Volume leveling feature on the source device, (the Shield) as I do not have any way to process and equalize or level the sound otherwise.

The FireTV Cube also has Volume leveler.

Pain to toggle though, hidden away in the main device settings menu - do you know any shortcuts?

Or, perhaps there could be a Channels shortcut to save exiting the App?

Problem is the apple tv either isn't doing it properly or it's not working at all. And not everyone has the audio equipment. We're just looking for some solution. Could this be part of the transcoding process?