Option to select which Channels DVR server to use


I established Openvpn site-to-site network between 3 hosues. Each house has its own Channels DVR server. When I move from my main house to the second one, my iPhone Channels App is connecting to automatically to my main house Channels DVR server instead to the second houses one.

I would really need the possibility to select the server I want/need to connect to. Would it be a possible future feature?

Currently, I am using TvhClient app on my iPhone and I can easily switch from one Tvheadend server to another. Look at enclosed picture

Not speaking for anything outside of Channels DVR, but you can go into each client and manually select a specific server by IP.

When I move from one house to another I am always using my iPhone, not using other devices. Having the possibility to switch manually from one server to another by selecting the server would be great. I don't want to type the IP address of the server every time.

You could restrict your VPNs, so each has its own subnet. That way each home will its server easily discoverable, while servers from other houses can be directly addressed.

I already have different subnets:

As I don't trust to any automatic discovery services because of their unreliability, I would prefer having the chance to setup them and then select them manually.

Okay, so you are submitting an enhancement/feature request. I thought you were asking if was currently possible.


This sounds like something I am also looking for to be able to switch IP address, can you tell me how you set it up.

I have the App installed on my Apple TV but not sure what information to enter to complete the App configuration setup?