Oreo on Shield TV - Screen tearing when skipping


Just got the Oreo update on my Shield TV. Things work great so far, and the new launcher support for favorites is nice.

One very minor thing I've noticed is that when I skip forward or backward on a recording, there is a frame that is made of of parts of two frames. Here is an example of this.


I’ve noticed this too. Not sure what’s causing it, and if it’s something that’s new in Oreo or not…


Interesting, I have seen something similar except on my device it’s at an angle near the left side of the screen.

I never mentioned it because it looks normal once I stop skipping and return to regular playback. I also notice it in one other App I use on the Shield so it may be an Oreo update issue.


The image I linked to is just an example. It’s pretty much different ever time I skip.


Kept meaning to post this but forgot to many times. I noticed this only happens with 1080i channels. There is no tearing when skipping around on a 720p recording. Not sure if that helps or not.


This is a bug in the NVidia decoder. We have reported it to them.

In the latest build on the Player tab I've added a Decoder option so you can switch to different decoders.


Excellent. Thanks for the quick update!