Organizing favorites is not working right on Apple TV

I went to organize favorites in On Now on one of my Apple TVs and something is messed up. I did the click and hold to turn it on. Then I grabbed a channel from the bottom row and tried to move it up. It went one row correctly and then I can't figure out what it is doing. If I continue to move up, it looks almost like its shuffling a couple of rows. The only way I could get it to work was to move the show one row, then deselect it. Then select it again and move it one row, etc. I also can't get it to turn off the arranging mode. If I try to click and hold again it does nothing, and moving off to Guide and coming back, the icons are still shaking. I had to restart Channels to get it to stop. I tried this several times and never got it to not go crazy after one row. Anyone else seeing this?

EDIT - I noticed It doing this after I added Pluto and Stirr (I deleted Stirr shortly after adding it). Not sure it that is related because I haven't arranged favorites in a long time.

It broke in 14.3 and is fixed in 14.4.

This is unfortunate but we’ll have to wait till Apple releases 14.4.

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No problem... glad to know you guys are already on it.

In the mean time its kind of like watching a kaleidoscope, so if you don't mind hosing up your favorites order you can have a few beers and entertain yourself moving favorites around and seeing a cool show!