Original Quality Delivery always direct even when stream is selected

I recently noticed a new setting of original quality delivery under the playback section of settings, I thought this may be the part of the beta app making it way into the main app to give long buffers, but when I set it to stream it seems that it still says direct with only 90-100 secs buffer when you look at the stats. This is on the 2nd gen Apple TV 4K and iPhone 14pro. Just wondering if this setting isn’t what I thought it was.



Just thought I would add a screenshot

Bumping this to see if it was missed. Is it by design to not use HLS stream with "Home Streaming Original" quality? It does switch to HLS stream when using "Internet Streaming Original" quality.

Please submit diagnostics from the app after you've experienced this and let us know. I'm not able to replicate what you are describing.

I just submitted diagnostics on my iphone 14pro. On the video stats is shows Stream Type: Direct

but if I switch to remote cellular streaming it shows Stream Type: HLS Remote

The beta app has Stream Type: HLS Local when Home Streaming. I was assuming that with the setting "Original Quality Deliver Stream" that home streaming should be HLS local on the non beta app.

Hi @eric

Did you get a chance to look at this? Is this designed behavior?


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