Original Quality Delivery always direct even when stream is selected

I recently noticed a new setting of original quality delivery under the playback section of settings, I thought this may be the part of the beta app making it way into the main app to give long buffers, but when I set it to stream it seems that it still says direct with only 90-100 secs buffer when you look at the stats. This is on the 2nd gen Apple TV 4K and iPhone 14pro. Just wondering if this setting isn’t what I thought it was.



Just thought I would add a screenshot

Bumping this to see if it was missed. Is it by design to not use HLS stream with "Home Streaming Original" quality? It does switch to HLS stream when using "Internet Streaming Original" quality.

Please submit diagnostics from the app after you've experienced this and let us know. I'm not able to replicate what you are describing.

I just submitted diagnostics on my iphone 14pro. On the video stats is shows Stream Type: Direct

but if I switch to remote cellular streaming it shows Stream Type: HLS Remote

The beta app has Stream Type: HLS Local when Home Streaming. I was assuming that with the setting "Original Quality Deliver Stream" that home streaming should be HLS local on the non beta app.

Hi @eric

Did you get a chance to look at this? Is this designed behavior?



Hi @eric ,

Just a bump to see if you got a chance to look at this?

Can you describe your network setup to me? It seems your Apple TV is on a separate network from your DVR (using different IP ranges).

I'm seeing some very odd errors in the logs that we don't see very often.

Regarding your question about Original Quality Delivery question, I haven't been able to identify why this isn't working for you. I've been unable to replicate the behavior for myself and am continuing to review the code to see what could be different. It does look like the system sees that you changed the setting, but something isn't working quite right here when it goes to play it. Are you still seeing this in 5.6.3?

Hi Eric, yeah I just checked and it is still the same in 5.6.3. The channels-beta app works perfectly.

The logs I sent you are from a remote device connected to the DVR network over wireguard. I already had the VPN setup and it was easier just to connect it by ip address instead remote. This is the reason I prefer the stream option. I should check when I'm local to the DVR.

If you could load that latest beta on your Apple TV it would be helpful to see if I can understand why it's running into the weird error that it is.

I'm not sure what you mean, the beta app does stream as "HLS Local" on the Apple TV that connects through wireguard. It's the standard non beta app that doesn't use "HLS Local" but rather "Direct" to stream. The behavior is consistent on the Apple TV as well as the Iphone I was able to take screen shots with. I guess I'm confused as to what I should be testing with the beta app because I already know it works.

I'm trying to track down an additional issue that your diagnostics from your Apple TV reported and so if you could load the beta onto the TV and then submit diagnostics, I'd like to check them out and see if I get any more details.

Separately, if you could send diagnostics from 5.6.3 after recreating the issue, I'll see if we have anything more to identify what's going on.

I just submitted diagnostics about 10 minutes ago on both apps.

I tested on an apple TV that is on the same network as the DVR and it also is "direct" instead of "HLS Local" on the non beta channels app.

Thank you for your feedback here. I've tracked this down to an oversight on our end that prevented it from working in the App Store apps.

It will work correctly in the next release we do. Until then, you'll need to use the TestFlight betas. Sorry about that.

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Sounds good, thanks!

A new App Store release has happened that will be rolling out in the next week with this fix. Thanks again for reporting it.