Orphaned Playon Download

I have been using Playon download for at least a dozen movies and a few series episodes.

Everything has been showing up in recordings/library until a recent download.

Logs show:

2021/02/17 23:10:54.062132 [DLR] Downloading PlayOn Cloud recording 'Saturday Night Live/Saturday Night Live - S36E22 - Justin Timberlake May 21, 2011.mp4'

And the file does exist in the expected directory location, but it does not appear under any recordings/library areas.

I even updated to newest beta version 2021.02.18.2051 , and still it seems like Channels is not identifying this download.

I do have my own processing system to move files from Channels into Plex which uses the api call:


And that json result also does not show this download.

I have handled this file manually, but might be a bug to look into.

I saw no other odd errors in logs, but can submit diagnostics if that is helpful.