I would like to have one HDHomerun unit receive cable and another receive OTA TV via antenna. Possible? If yes how?

Yes. Just connect both tuners to your network. Just remember, most cable companies encrypt their feeds, so you need a CableCARD and a Prime to use the cable channels. (Unencrypted ClearQAM channels can be received by most OTA tuners I believe, but they rarely include the necessary data to identify the channels, meaning their channel numbers will be randomly assigned something in the 5000s, and may change between reboots.)

Or the new tv everywhere Beta and Quatro/connect. I know at least with Spectrum, they don't require a cable box.

Many users have this setup and it is fully supported by Channels and Channels DVR.

Thanks for your help, I was hoping it was possible.


HDHomerun actually works great with ClearQam....

Depends on your provider. Many providers are phasing out ClearQAM, and the stations don't have names, numbers or guide data

Luckily mine works perfectly...