OTA guide missing on AppleTV client

I've been using a Silicon Dust cable tuner, server on a QNAP NAS, client on an AppleTV. All good. I added a terrestrial tuner. On the client all I see for Guide data on the OTA channels is the station call sign. Cable channels have full guide data. On the Server I see program data for the OTA channels, but that's not showing up on the client.

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I have run into that a number of times where is will be good on the web gui but not on ATV. Restarting Channels on ATV does not fix it. The only way I have found is to re-download the guide data (forces an update I'd guess) or the easy way is to change guide collections to an other collection then back again. I have 3 collections: 1 for channels I record from, 1 for channels we surf and 1 that has everything minus channels we don't care about, so changing to one of them and back seems to fix the problem.