OTA Signal hit brings up timeline display

Whenever I am watching an OTA channel and the broadcast is interrupted however briefly from the weather or what not, the "Timeline Display" pops up and I think the volume of the audio dips. This is very annoying. Why make the hit worse by further corrupting the display with the pop up? A lot of the time the signal hit would not even been noticed if it were not for the pop up. If you must display something from a signal hit at the most maybe display an X in the corner of the display?

"Timeline Display" is that what you call it? The pop up that displays when pressing the up arrow on the remote.

Yea. I have noticed that happen...has always done it for OTA channels.
its not a new thing.
agree it is annoying, but i have no idea why it does that other than that time line bar always pops up when the stream is buffering...it does it for TVE too, some channels all the time as the ads load.

Well if it is buffering thing it would be most appreciated if it could be a little indicator in one of the corners.

Sometimes if the signal takes a big hit the video will stop as if it is paused. The only way to get it going again is to exit back to the guide and restart the channel.