Other ways to view recorded tv

Hello! Is there a way to sort "Recordings" by show and not by date recorded? I'm usually a few weeks behind so it's easier to just look for the show I want to watch. I have been using "Library" but it still shows the last recorded episode and I have to go to "more" to see more. It also mixes the TV shows from my library with recordings and I'd like to keep them separate.

Thank you.

From the library, you can dive right intoThe same goes for Movies. a whole section just for your TV Shows. There are butttons for them. You can even put these in the main sidebar with settings, to get to them faster.

And if your library has gotten large, you can turn on Enhanced Library Browsing to get a better experience.

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Thank you for the reply. Enabling TV Shows works. It still mixes my library and Recorded TV, but if I sort by "Recently Updated" it keeps the recorded TV at the top.