Out of home streaming not working as well

Has anyone had issues with streaming to an iPhone or iPad while out of the home?
It used to work flawlessly for me, even at not great speeds. Lately I’ve been having a lot of issues with streams barley going a minute or two without pausing. Even on fast internet speeds.

Update your dvr to prerelease

I tried that. Still getting pretty poor streaming performance

Visit my.channelsdvr.net/speedtest to see what kind of bandwidth you have between your home and the remote streaming device.

I'm getting about 12.4MBS and 14.9MBS upload at the hotel I'm currently at (and experiencing issues). My home connection is 300MBS down, and maybe 20MBS up.
Is there a minimum speed needed for good performance?

I will say I experience more issues on OTA recordings, which are larger files, and probably need more encoding, versus some of the TVE recordings.

That should be enough bandwidth, as long as it’s stable. What device is your server at home running on?

After you’ve had an instance of this excessive pausing, please submit diagnostics from the app and let us know. We’ll be able to see if something is acting up.