Pac 12 networks

PAC 12 networks do not tune, provide error "stream not live" these channels work on the pac-12 website... on the pac-12 app, and on the xfinity stream app.. but not through the TV everwhere DVR thanks

I can confirm the same issue. The channel shows with a "check" in my channel list even after a re-scan, but still gives the "Stream Not Live" error for every one of the PAC 12 channels.

EDIT: After re-scanning several of them give a different error: "Could not fetch playlist: https://......"

The bug with Pac12 is fixed in the latest build. To update, click-and-hold on Check For Update. LMK if that fixes the problem.

Yep, working here now and I have the KTLA/CBSNY/CBSLA channels. Thank you! This is one of the reasons I continually recommend Channels to others. Great support and a great product.

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Yes it’s working flawlessly, I am absolutely blown away thank you!!!