Padding not showing on timeline Android

When watching an in progress recording on Nvidia shield or fire tv, the timeline doesn't show any padding, just the original end time. It works fine on my Apple TV.

With 30 minutes of padding Android TV shows the recording length as 180 minutes. The Apple TV shows the length as 210 minutes.

Which version of Channels app?

This was on Android TV but it was fixed awhile ago.
However, if you're watch an in progress recording and add additional padding, the timeline doesn’t update to reflect the change.
If I schedule a recording of a football game with 30 minutes of padding at the end, start watching and realize that it'll run longer than the 30 minutes, go to scheduled recordings, add more padding, return to watching the timeline still just shows 30 minutes of padding.

What is the version number shown in the app?

Beta 2.3.2239