Page up/down in guide

For those of us that don't use the Apple TV remote, it would be great if we could use other remote buttons to move up and down the guide by page (as is possible in the Android TV app). How about assigning skip forward/back to function as page up/down when in the guide?

I would love this too! I’m not sure if it’s a limitation of Apple’s OS or if it’s just not a feature on TV OS.

Can anyone confirm if this is possible on Apple TV?

I would assume you could assign a function to any of the 'buttons' that Apple TV makes available to 3rd party remotes, including dedicated skip forward/back buttons, but I don't know for sure.

I just moved back to Apple TV from a Nvidia Shield, and I really miss being able to page quickly through the guide. :frowning:

Unless there is something I’m not aware of with the Apple TV, I’ve not been able to find any buttons on any of my remotes to page up/down. This includes a Harmony and Caavo remote.

There aren’t any specifically, but Apple TV can “learn” a lot more buttons on an IR remote than exist on either Apple’s IR or Bluetooth remotes — that’s what @stoli412 was referring to.

A walkthrough of the process is here.

I understand that generic universal remotes can “learn” commands - I just don’t think any exist for the Apple TV. I’ve tried multiple commands with the Harmony and couldn’t find any that would page up/down. I even tried setting it up with keyboard commands and couldn’t find a page up/down. Does anyone know any commands that work on Apple TV?

I can use the Harmony on my Android based Sony TV with Channels and skip with it.

Has anyone successfully been able to page up/down on an Apple TV?

You're right, the Apple TV has only a certain number of 'buttons' that can be 'learned' with 3rd party remotes. That's why I've suggested to the devs to associate skip forward/back commands received while on the guide screen with the action of paging up/down in the guide.

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Does anyone know if tvOS 16 betas have any additional buttons that you can learn/teach the Apple TV?

As of tvOS 15.x, we have these commands, "basic" and "playback."

I'm curious about any additions in tvOS 16 but also somewhat doubtful...

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How do you page forward in the Guide on the Channels app on Android TV,
What device, what button press.
I have the Onn Android TV device???

Page Up/Down and Channel Up/Down work on Android.

Would like to see channel up/down added (since they seem to exist at least on the channel master Apple TV remote that’s IR).

Well I just learned something, I do use the channel up/down when viewing the live channels,
But I never tried it when the Guide was up !!!
Thank you.