Paramount to Launch Golazo Network, 24/7 Soccer Streaming Channel This April

But will we see the channel added to our Pluto lineup?

As the newest addition to the service’s sports experience, the Golazo Network will be made initially accessible for free on, the CBS Sports app for connected TV devices, the CBS Sports mobile app, Pluto TV and Paramount+.

This launches tomorrow 4/11/23 and will be available via as well as Pluto. Hopefully it can be added via TVE.

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Golazo Network channel just showed up in Pluto. Showing a looping video with no audio right now and the guide data says "CBS Sports Golazo Network - Coming Soon!"

Looks like it starts tomorrow morning at 7am Eastern with Morning Footy, according to the guide.

I was able to add CBS Sports Golazo! Network to Channels via the m3u8 URL at The stream is available freely without any login requirement. does not appear to have its station ID or guide data yet. Hopefully this can eventually be added to Channels natively.



Thanks to @tmm1, it is now a native channel as TVE channel #6790.

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Thank you @tmm1!

The channels that are part of the CBS family usually have good technical specs and this one is no exception: 1080p 60fps 5mbps

I don't have the details from Pluto TV but the channels from Pluto usually have lower specs, on average: 720p 30fps 2.4mbps.

Yeah, the Pluto version of this channel showing at 720p.

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Indeed, it looks great here. Not only the PQ, but the channel logo, the guide data, as well as the automatic, free integration with Channels.

I'm also seeing an "HD 1080p" badge I don't think I've seen before:

eww, weird, that's a new tag, that's not been filtered out.

Probably a comma in the wrong place :shushing_face:

The tag is actually accurate

Yes, I know it's accurate.

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