Parsing stream URLs for Telly use

Does anyone have a streamlined way to parse m3u8 URLs that aren't static so they can be used with Telly and Channels DVR? I'm sure this is very possible with some scripts but I have little coding experience. I have Channels and Telly docker containers running on a Synology DS718+.

Scenario 1: This site hosts many free, local news streams but the master.m3u8 with access token (easily found in the page source) is only accessible for a few seconds upon the page loading before it becomes inaccessible.

Scenario 2: YouTube live stream URLs expire after a few hours and eventually have to be refreshed. I've been able to use youtube-dl-api-server in a Docker container to fetch the streams for me and it works fairly well, but if anyone has a more elegant setup I'd love to see it :slight_smile:

I would use youtube-dl for the local news streams but it fails to extract them.