Pass creation questions . .


Newbie here. I created 3 passes for different shows that will be coming up later tonight.

When I look at the guide, there is nothing to indicate in the listing that the shows are up for recording. Also, the are no "scheduled recordings" listed, even though they will happen later today.

How do the Pass and Scheduled Recordings interact?

Also, my IPTV only sends epg data for 24 hours at a time. It is my assumption that as long as the signal is present, the pass will work, yes?


Maybe you need to change the pass to All if your xmltv is missing new markers.

Not sure what you mean? "All" in what field"?

Currently I put the channel # where it had "any" in grey.

I think he means "All" episodes instead of "New" which I believe is the default.

Ah. Got it.

So, two of the three shows showed up in "scheduled". One for 7pm, the other for 9pm.

In the guide, the third show (at 11:30pm) has a "recorded" symbol, but I had only recorded it previously, as a test once, no pass set. When I changed the setting to All as the others, it still doesn't appear in "Scheduled".

I deleted the pass, redid it, and the same - not in scheduled.

What am I missing?

Go to advanced pass and set to record deleted.

Channels DVR won't record the same episode more than once,
Select it in the guide and either Mark as not recorded or Record Again

That only works if you set that pass up before you delete a recording.

Well if that is the case they need to fix that ... If I set up a pass to record all and set re-record deleted then it should do just that regardless of the situation.

Updated my post. I should know better than trying to multitask while thinking. :grin:

Did the "re-record" and it showed, BUT this is a new episode.

Why would I need to tell it to record as if it was a previous episode?

OK, I just removed that setting and it is maintaining the symbol for "scheduled".

I can't see what you're looking at so have to assume things.
Your epg guide data has to identify each episode with a unique number and also include a TAG as to whether an episode is NEW or not.

Channels DVR uses that information to determine if an episode is NEW or old and whether it recorded it before or not.

By default, Channels DVR will not record an episode it previously recorded (it remembers the unique number).

Got it.

I had recorded the episode then deleted it.

Do all EPGs include the numbers and tags you mentioned? Mine is coming from an IPTV source. It only supplies data for 24 hours.

The only “official” EPG is the EPG data provided by Channels. Many of the other sources (such as Pluto) don’t have some of the tags, which makes recording from them challenging.