Passes for NHL Center Ice

How does Channels DVR determine which channel to record on when the name of the program is identical?

I have a season pass set for the Buffalo Sabres. With NHL Center Ice, dual feeds are provided so there will be two programs entitled “Florida Panthers at Buffalo Sabres”. How does the DVR pick which to record when this situation happens?

What does the dvr schedule show? Is there one entry or two?

The DVR should notice it's the same program on two channels and show one entry with both channel numbers. The channel which is favorited will be preferred.

I appreciate the reply - the problem is I can't "favorite" a specific channel because the channels vary by game and there is no difference in how the individual airings are listed. What I figured out, and this is a nice feature by the way, is for me to go in manually and select the channel I want to use for each of the recordings. It's not ideal, but there's nothing that you all can do when the guide listings are identical.

Why do you prefer one channel over the other? Just trying to understand the use case better

That makes sense - the problem is that while the program is titled the same, it’s entirely different feeds of the same game. So for today’s Buffalo Sabres VBS Dallas Stars game, I could watch with the Dallas feed or the Sabres feed.