Pause and stutter on Sony Android tv


I have an issue with pausing, circle spinning around, and stuttering/lagging on my Sony TV with built in Android TV. Once it starts on a show it's almost impossible to get it to stop. At the time it starts, I'm usually fast forwarding, and the show was recorded very recently.

I don't seem to have the issue on my two Nvidia shields. One is wired 1 Gb and one is wireless.

The Sony TV is wired (have also tried wireless).

Server is on an older windows 10, 6 core amd 8 GB of memory. Dvr drive is a WD Red 4Tb 5400 drive.

Speed test from the DVR server to my Sony TV Android TV (100Gb connection) says download 100.02, latency 7.82, Jitter 2.14.


If you go to the Player Settings tab and click Submit Diagnostics I can check to see what's going on.


Done last night.


Thanks. Can you try to turn off the Surround Sound option on the player tab and see if that helps?


I did this and resubmitted the other night. Same issue.