Pausing on commercial changes on Android TV (SHIELD 9)

Huh, that's odd. Regardless, it just happened again and as requested, I went through the click-path again and submitted diags.


Thanks. I do see you submitted earlier too, sorry.

I believe this problem goes away if you change Settings > Playback > Advanced > Surround Sound: Off. Can you confirm?

Do you have a recording that reproduces this issue? That would be helpful.

Looks like @RockandRoller70 reported a similar issue in Screen going black during commercials on beta

Logs confirm its the same root cause

No worries re: diags... Well, I believe you are correct in that the problem seems to go away after disabling surround sound; because after doing that, it hasn't paused in the past couple hours. I'll continue watching like this for a bit longer and flip surround back on and see if starts pausing again, and let you know.

Any recordings I've watched have all played as expected, no pauses or issues.

After reading through the other thread, it does sound similar to @RockandRoller70. The only difference being that, in my case, all I need to do is skip forward to get things going again.

Something I forgot to add, if it matters, I'm on Verizon FiOS.


p.s. - I gotta say, and I've seen others mention this, Channels support is pretty dang awesome! I've been in IT close to 40 years and from what I've seen, y'all are crushin' it. Thanks!


@tmm1 Well, I'd say it's confirmed that having surround sound enabled seems to trigger the issue at some point. I flipped on the TV, let it play few hours and it never paused. I then flipped SS back on and again let it play for a while and sure enough, the pausing issue returned.

Now since I have a SS system, my preference, obviously, is to use SS, so hopefully this gets resolved soon. In the meantime, since recordings don't seem to be affected and I don't actually watch a ton of live TV (sports are the exception), this isn't a huge issue, to me, but I'm sure it is to others.

Sounds like y'all are aware and working the problem; so I'll just keep my eyes open for new releases that hopefully resolve the problem.


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Thanks. It is helpful to understand that this is on live tv only. It makes it harder to fix but we will keep investigating

I have been experiencing this on Firestick 4K(s), turning SS on or off does not seem to change the experience. I have other firestick 4K Max(s) that are not having this issue. Seems to pause at either commercial start or end.

What version number is shown in each app under Settings > Support > About

Firestick 4K - Issues Channels DVR 4.1.3

Firestick 4K Max - No Issues Channels DVR 4.1.0

Just submitted log edc3038d-a129-4f13-98cd-81f85b3ba8ec from firetv os 4.1.3 seems to happen with certain channels and not others.

Something I've noticed is that this doesn't seem to happen on local stations, i.e. ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. seem to work fine. It only seems to happen when watching cable stations, i.e. ESPN, NHL Network, etc.

Also, just FYI, I upgraded to the latest Shield hotfix #2 to see if that helped at all. It did not. :frowning:


I have seen this intermittently with Nvidia Shield and Tivo Stream 4K, all on latest Beta. In addition, when this happens, if I jump backwards it will play to the same spot and pause. If I skip forward past the glitch, it plays fine. Since only one of my devices is actually on a surround system. I will try turning surround off and see what the result is.

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@tmm1... So I managed to get a recording where this happens. It's a 5 min clip of Mythbusters @ 404MB. The pause happens at about the 2 minute mark.

@bkillen ... Yup, I see the same behavior re: jumping back will play up to the pause point and pause again.

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@tmm1 ..... So, I had just posted in this thread -> App pauses when commercial starts - Channels Fire TV - Channels Community (

And right after posting that, I went back into the Channels settings and turned SS off. About a minute after doing that, sure enough, the show that was on paused! Basically, it doesn't matter if SS is on/off, it still pauses at commercial transitions.

I went ahead and submitted another diag - d386f997-a993-444c-a868-631fc42647a8


Can you try stop/restart the app after changing surround sound to off

@tmm1 .... I submitted a second diag - 48482e4d-9029-4960-9c15-1f06267c9c15

I was recording and watching live, I pressed the back button to bring up the guide. Upon doing this, the audio became a tinnitus torturing chirping. Hopefully you can hear it in the video.

And yes, I just bounced my shield to start fresh with SS off. I'll get another show clip if it pauses again.


@tmm1 Just FYI, it finally happened, in that it paused while I had SS turned off. I submitted another diag: 146a7e2c-444b-49d8-9f04-faf0ab190cc9.

The difference between this time and all the other times, was when I jumped forward, yes, it jumped past the pause point as usual, but this time the audio was all static, similar to the above post. I exited Channels and went back in and all was well again.

Thanks for capturing this. I'm testing with it now, and do see the same hang at the 2min mark.

For me it doesn't happen with Surround Sound: Off. Can you confirm the same?

Okay I was able to fix this issue occurring on that MythBusters sample.

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Wow, that was fast! I grabbed the update and tested again with the MythBusters clip. So far, so good, no more pausing!

I turned SS back on and the clip plays as one would expect, without pausing! Great job! I'll keep an eye open to see if it comes back, but right now, things are looking great! I've had the TV on in the background the past few hours, while I'm doing stuff, and it's been chugging along just fine.

Thanks a bunch!

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