Screen going black during commercials on beta

I'm seeing an issue when watching live TV, during a commercial the screen will go black and just hang. I have to back out and reenter the channel in order for it to resume playing. This has happened at least 4 or 5 times today. Wife said she saw it too.

More details needed. What channel were you watching? What kind of decoder are you using on the client? Probably worth submitting diagnostics if you haven’t already.

I believe I was on hybrid decoder and it wasn't related to a particular channel.'

Will wait for it to happen again and submit diagnostics.

I'm having something similar happening over the last few days.. I'm running the latest server on a Windows VM, and my client is a TivoStream 4k. SOME shows and live channels just show black, but I get the audio just fine. For example, today, it is recording the Ravens football game on channel 13 which is coming through a cable card connected HDHomeRun. If I watch it live, OR the recording (While it's recording) the screen is black but I can hear the game. If I switch to channel 13.1 which is an HDHomerun recording from antenna, it works fine. Strangely, if I watch from my iPhone, it seems that the recording is fine, and it's just the watching on the TivoStream that is messed up. I have seen it on many channels, but I can't say ALL of the cable channels. So far, watching the same channel from antenna (when available) I have not seen the problem. I have rebooted the server, and the TivoStream, as well as installed the latest Beta on both. If diagnostics will help, is there something I can do to give the best chance at seeing the problem? ie: Watch a "black" channel and then go send diags? I'm never sure exactly what the diags are collecting.


You can also try changing Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder

The TS4K has had a troubled existence with its hardware decoder. It was pretty good for the initial shipping firmware, but each update has changed it; now its quality varies a bit depending upon the content thrown at it.

Interesting.. I THINK this may have been user error, although I am making some assumptions.. I had a problem with my wifi that I think was affecting performance that I have now fixed, AND I had a full disk on the channels server. My theory (correct if wrong!!) is that for the antenna based feed, perhaps the client was getting the stream straight from the HDHomerun so the full disk wasnt affecting it, and there was (probably barely) enough bandwidth on my wifi for this to work. With the cable card tuner, maybe it had to get transcoded, which was failing because the disk was full? The disk was my E: where only the recordings are stored.. All the programs and OS stuff is still on C:..

Anyway - knock on wood, I am currently watching an HD CBS stream with no issue (Other than the Steelers are getting CRUSHED!!) so hopefully it is fixed..

I'll run diags again, and report back if it happens again.

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If you have tuner sharing disabled in the client, this is correct.

It just did this again on me. Screen went black between commercials and never resumed. I had to exit to the menu and reenter the channel (ESPN) to get it to play again.

I just submitted multiple diagnostics at approx 12:52am