Pausing When Watching Live TV


When using Channels and watching live TV either OTA or HDHR Premium I will get quick pauses in video and the bottom menu will come up with a spinning circle then the video will start again. The pauses are quick maybe a second or two at the most and happen two to three times an hour. If I pause the video for about 5 seconds then start watching there are no pauses. This is occurring on both ATV 4K and Firestick 4K's both wireless and if I use the HDHR App I never have any pauses. This is also happening across multiple Quatro's....I don't believe its a network issue and the only thing in common across device/stream/network is Channels...

Anyone experiencing this or have any solutions?


We sometimes get that even on channels that have perfect signal strength, signal quality and symbol quality. Other times not. It never happens on recorded content, only Live.


Same only, recorded content off the DVR plays fine.


This is a known issue with hdhomerun premium tv. We are trying to get to the bottom of it.


Get the same on Live TV OTA. Happened a bunch today watching the football games.


It's Live TV OTA, for me, @tmm1. We don't have SD PTV.


Same here I'm experience on live OTA TV as well as hdhr premium TV. I have a hdhr prime showing up today so interested if there are issues with cable as well.


The issues I am aware of are specific to Premium TV due to how their streams are encoded. It happens several times an hour while watching a premium stream.

I have never experienced this issue on OTA or Prime feeds. If it does happen there it should be much less frequent and likely is a different bug with similar effects.


There's no "if": It does happen. Not always. I'm not even sure I'd say "often," in our case. But it most definitely happens.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, but I think I see it most often on the local ABC affiliate, WXYZ, channel 7 (real channel 41). It's currently showing 100% for all three signal metrics.

When it happens, usually it'll do it several times w/in a minute or three, then stop doing it. I'll send diags and email you next time it happens to us.


Yup - also having the exact same issue with hdhomerun OTA (not premium). It’s just a tad frustrating and given just how slick the rest of the app is it’s a bit of downer.


I occasionally see the same when watching live TV on a Firestick 4K using WiFi. When it occurs it seems to happen multiple times within a few minute period.


I have never experienced this, running Apple TVs on gigabit Ethernet. FYI


Are your ATV's 4K? Mine are 4K wired gig and my fire sticks are 4K using 5ghz and both will experience the pausing live or premium.....


I concur that this is an issue for me as well on live OTA TV when using the Channels app. I do not use Premium TV so I cannot speak to that. I also use a FTV4K stick and a brand new quatro. As noted above, it does not occur with recorded shows. I at first figured it was a wireless issue, so I went ahead and ran Ethernet and it still happens. I have great signal strength and quality of over 75% according to the HDhomerun tuner status. Have not tried to pause and play, but I will to see if this helps.


I have both 4K and non-4K Apple TVs and I haven’t experienced this on any of them.


So is there anyone looking into this there anything we can provide like logs etc?


Yes we are looking into it. Personally this never happens for me on OTA or PRIME channels. But I get it on Premium TV a lot, especially on CNBC. I know there's something specific about how the PTV streams that causes it to be worse, and I imagine that in some areas OTA stations also have that same characteristic on their streams which is why some people see it on OTA and others don't.


Yep, been happening for awhile now last few months seems to be getting worse makes it nearly impossible sometimes to stay on the channel, using Channels live less and less because of this. Wish it could be resolved I love Channels DVR otherwise.


Same happens with me. It’s pausing because the OTA signal is dropping from interference from trees, weather.


I kind of doubt it is a signal issue. If this were the case, wouldn't we would see gaps in recordings, which I have not noticed? In addition, pausing for several seconds, then resuming the live broadcast, would not stop the behaviour for the rest of a very long show either it would seem. It appears to be something that only happens when using the Channels app in live mode with no time shift.