Permissions issue with recording [DOCKER]

Is there anyway to change the permissions for files created by channels-dvr?

I have an issue that it records as root with docker and sets permissions as rw-r-r. I would like to have all recordings come as rw-rw-r or be able to have it owned by my user.

Please assist.

**I already tried adding ENV VARS in docker for PGID/PUID as 1000 (myuser) to no avail.

You could try setting the parent folder permissions to 777 and gsid: chmod -R 2777 /path/to/parent

That's kind of an ugly brute force way, but it gets the job done. (I did that with the NFS that hosted my recordings back when I used Tvheadend.)

Can you use "docker run --user"

??? Not sure what that means

It started and then I just restarted with a new stream with the old permissions

Got it working with this thank you every much!