Personal Media Nonsense Length

I have some personal media files that do make a metadata match, but they show as not having a length:


When you look at the details, though, they do have known durations:


Further, if you play them in the web they show the correct length:


However, when pulling up the same program in Google/Android TV, I see this length:


And when you play, it shows the same thing:

With some of these, I am prevented from fast-forwarding, rewinding, or doing anything except pause and play.

Submitted Diagnostics from the Web after playing: 26ca33b8-a8f0-45a0-b3cc-30f42286443b

Submitted Diagnostics from TS4K+ after playing: 12071455-b039-4c8d-8ebe-ccf18ec908cd

Are you able to upload the video?

If so, please upload it here: