Phantom background PiP

...guessing up front this is tvOS 16 at fault. I don't recall seeing this before that.

Had this happen a couple of times recently. If I'm watching live TV, and do something (circle back to guide, etc), the PiP window stays open as a fuzzy box in the background. A restart of the aTV clears it.

I'll try to get more details the next time I see this, but i haven't been in front of TV very much in the last 2 weeks. Wanted to see if anyone else had seen this...

Finally got one and submitted Diags.

I've experienced this, or something similar too. It's as if the PIP window has been orphaned?

In my case, force-quitting the Channels app makes it go away. A device restart isn't required. Then I relaunch Channels, and all is well again. In case you didn't know, you can get to the tvOS App Switcher by double-clicking the TV/Home button on the Siri remote. Swipe up on the apps you wish to quit.

I’ve tried that with limited success. Not every force kill on the app nukes pip.

Hmm, then we’re experiencing a different issue. Every time I force-quit it resolves annoy issue with an orphaned PIP window. I’ve never had to restart the whole device to fix a Channels issue. Sorry, just trying to help. I’m sure someone else will chime in with more useful info soon!

Another instance tonight, exiting live tv. More diagnostics submitted.