Phantom Commercial Skip

I was watching a recording in progress (so no commercial detection run yet) & on 2 occasions it did an automatic commercial skip of a couple of minutes,

I submitted logs through the app but it crashed on every occasion, so not sure if you've got them

Please let me know if you need anything else

Did the recording complete before you were done watching it? Commercial indexing happens when there recording is complete and the recording is updated in Channels in real time.

So the commercial indexing could have been added and then commercial skipping kicked in.

This is normal, but just curious if you think this is what you observed.

No, it was still recording & no commercial breaks were shown in the timeline bar.

I remember seeing that posted by another user recently. Just can't find the post!
EDIT: I think this was the one I remembered Comm Skip on Live TV with 2022.06.14.1712
How do you know it did an automatic commercial skip and that it wasn't some glitch in the stream?

Because a commercial skip popup showed on top right
(I have it set to automatically skip)

I'm adding more debug logging in the next beta whenever auto skip happens. Please submit diagnostics next time and hopefully we can see what's causing it.

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