Philo Hallmark Drama

I'm also not seeing a pulldown menu on "Watch Live Now" (chrome of firefox), yesterday I was seeing 2 channels, then 3, then none today. Looks like they are still working on adding it. This is with Spectrum.

My hallmark was working, 2 basic channels before yesterday. then it stopped working, also get an error on the web access now, didnt before. My login work, but live tv is erroring. Spectrum,

As of today, Philo has completely lost Hallmark for TVE. Going to their website to watch live streaming, you get the message that Philo is not supported. So it is definitely a Philo issue (dang them!!!) for all 3 Hallmark channels now, not just drama.

So I reached out to Philo support and they did something on the backend to make the 2 channels work again, but they could provide no info on Hallmark Drama. Might need to contact them during normal business hours to dig in deeper. I caught them right as support was ending for the day.

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I had reached out to them a few days ago and the guy couldn’t provide any info on the Drama channel. I only care because the wife loves those Christmas movies :slight_smile:

My wife also loves the Christmas Movies. But I believe you can get them on the other 2 Hallmark Channels (or just the main Hallmark Channel). I do not believe I have ever gotten the Drama Channel.

Is there a link to download version 2020.09.02.1415?

Shift+Click (or Click-and-hold) the "Check For Update" button in the DVR web UI; it will download and install the latest pre-release.

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Perfect. Thank you.

I am also using Philo and can not get Hallmark Drama using TVE. I am able to view Hallmark Drama using this link and my Philo credentials:

I am using Channels version 2020.09.28.2048.

When I edit the channels I get the following message: notAuthorized: Your Philo plan does not include access to this. For assistance visit

So is this still an issue with Philo?

Yep. I check about once per week, but still not added. I can live without it (believe me), but always nice to get all of the TVE channels you’re paying for.

I still get this error when I try to access the live stream with my Philo credentials.

This network is not included in your current television subscription. Please contact your TV provider to subscribe.

I can, however, access the stream using my Vidgo credentials. I called Philo and the person I spoke with said we should be able to access the feed via TVE, stating "it's a problem on Hallmark's side". I don't know who to believe.

I am able to login to the Hallmark Drama stream at using a web browser and my Philo credentials.

So wouldn't that suggest that it is not Philo's problem?

I get a no authorized message when I try to add it using Channels.

Is there a problem with Hallmark or can a change be made to Channels?


Sent email with HAR file.

I also sent an email with the file. It is weird now because I am seeing a commercial and then an error message, "This network is not included in your current television subscription. Please contact your TV provider to subscribe."

That's the same error I was getting. The commercial is a lead-in to the actual stream. Everyone get's the pleasure of seeing that at the beginning.

It just started working for me today. Is it working for anyone else? I had to rescan the channel to get it to work.

Thanks for the update! Worked for me as well!

Now works for me too.