Philo Integration

I was playing around with Fitzy TV and have noticed that they have direct streaming of Philo without using TVE.Is this something that is possible through Channels?


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Ive just tried that site....seems fishy to me.
Also, will not work for me, try to login and i can't it errors,
Error: mixpanel is not defined

Think I saw that issue before. Are you running pi-hole or an ad blocker?

nope, disabled my addblocker and no pi hole. did not work.
just tried again,and it logged in.
tried thier app...its trash. so janky and hard to use.
the sidebar takes up half the screen and does not hide.
guide is terrible.
looks like it is just a port of the native Android tv Channels app...that is a web wrapper to the Philo website. And also, using TVE to load in the other channels not in the native app.

You need not pay for cloud DVR ability with Philo already, u just save the show, and they are there. Don't see the point of paying a third party service to do the cloud DVRing again. unless it does so to a downloadable .mp4 or something. which i cant find any info on. also, can't seem to find way to add/remove channels from Favs list.

Overall, terrible app. it works to play most the channels that Philo will give u acces to....but it is no where near as polished as Channels DVR app is.

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