Philo issues

Last night when I fired up the Channels app on my Apple TV I got this message when trying to access a channel from Philo, "no login form found". I ended up deleting Philo as a source and re-adding it and all is working well now. Can someone tell me if this is a common thing with Philo? Will this happen every 60 days or so? If that is the case, would someone know if there is a setting I can possibly turn off in my Philo account to stop it from doing this?

If you looked at the thread on here for Philo as a provider, or used the search, you would see the answer to your questions.

That happened to many. When checked the error screenshot of the login form, Philo is asking you to enter in the code sent to your phone or email. Channels DVR can not know this and does not support any form of 2 factor login.
Deleting and re-adding Philo as TVE source fixed it.
So, That this first setup process, allows the user to re-authorize Philo and click the button in the email Philo sends to.

My guess, is that after a while, Philo makes you re-authorize your streaming devices/logins, for security.

I have had Philo as a TVE source for 2 years now...when this happened to me couple weeks ago, was the very first time ever, that Philo TVE went out in Channels DVR.
So, unless Philo had changed things on their end, normally, I would say no, no common thing...but, who knows at this point. But no, nothing you can do about it.