Pi for M3U and guide served to other apps

Well, I received my first Pi 4 yesterday. It's brand new so I had to do the step to make it USB bootable. Once I did that I popped in a thumb drive with the CDVR image and it came right up. WOW, it performs much better than I thought it would.

Even though I won't be using the CDVR app on the TV, I'm still going to play around with all the features eventually. But just serving M3U and the guide this thing is outstanding. Here's how it performs serving 2 HD streams pulled from an HDHR Quatro.


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I often wonder if I should opt for the same setup.

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Can you load Docker on the PI in order to get Pluto Playlist and Guide Data ?

Well you can run Docker but the CDVR Pi image is made for the Pi specifically. So I have no idea what the performance would look like using the containers. I'm still running a NAS for everything else, but I just wanted to separate out the channels so for instance when I take the server down in a week or two to upgrade the mobo/cpu/mem everyone can still watch TV. Then I can take my time with the swap. I'd like to drill some holes and add 4 120mm fans I picked up on the cheap from Newegg. The drives heat up the box like a radiator.

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I don't know about with the image, but if you install channels in the normal way you can.

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I am running Pluto Docker on a NAS (WD PR4100) also Channels DVR to serve Tuners ,TVE and Pluto to ChannelsDVR , Emby etc ... just was wondering if I could do the Same on the PI.

The Channels DVR image is pretty locked down. It’s based on a stripped down image similar to HomeAssistant. You can enable SSH but it’s a PITA.

I have the Pluto M3U docker image running on a $10 Pi zero right next to my Pi 4. No issues.