Pi image: Can't see all DVR folders in Mac Finder

I am using the Pi image successfully, but noticed that when I browse the DVR server from my Mac, I cannot see all of the folders -- particularly the TV folder. I know it's there because all of the shows are available on the Pi, and I can successfully rsync its contents to another hard drive attached to the Pi.

Interestingly, when I browse that DVR backup drive, I can't see the TV folder there either.

I restarted the Pi once and the TV folder still wasn't showing up on the Mac. Any idea what's going on here? I'd like to bee able to see that folder so I can copy some files to my NAS.

EDIT to add: Just noticed that the TV folder within the PlayOn folder also does not appear (even though it too seems to exist). Something really doesn't like TV.

Thanks for any help.