Pi Image Not Updating?

I'm using the Raspberry Pi image, version 2021.1101.2046. When trying to update in settings by going to Operating System -> Check For Update, it says I'm running the latest version.

Is there a way to force an update to 2022.0601.2221? Is there a build with the latest version of Tailscale? Thanks.

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Any errors in the log? Did you click the drop down and select Prerelease

I don't think the image has been updated but I can do that next week

Hold down the ‘Check for Update’ button for one second.

Checked the logs, no activity. I didn't have the pre-release option for the OS, but the long-press suggested by staveg worked. I noticed that the latest version of Tailscale seems to be in the app/server pre-release. I'll move over to that for now.