Picture freezes on one channel. But, only when using Channels DVR

Whenever I try to watch channel 31.2, which is QUBO in our area, the picture freezes and audio keeps going. If I use HDHomeRun software or PLEX, this doesn't happen. The signal levels are good. Nothing in the logs. This happens both, watching live and recorded videos. Does anyone have and suggestions?

Same here. Submitted diags via the app on my Shield.
Tuner sharing is off.
2020.02.07.0409 server version

UPDATED to: 2020.02.12.0450 works fine now.
(hold check for update button)

For me, QUBO and the channels around it that are on the same frequency band (41 channel numbers and 485Mhz) with ION and ION Plus are hard to get channels as the transmitter tower is ~50 miles away from me. I can only get the stations if the antenna is oriented in a certain position.

Sometimes, the update fixes it. Then, the next update breaks it. I notice that if I disable "Stretch to fit" the situation improves.