Picture in Picture bug/request


I hope I’m not missing something simple here, but for a week or so now picture in Picture mode has been mostly failing to start with a spinner then nothing. After a little testing, it seems the Home Streaming setting is to blame:

2017/10/13 08:35:55 [HLS] Starting transcoder for channel 5.1 (encoder=remux, resolution=720, deinterlacer=hardware, bitrate=6000)
2017/10/13 08:35:56 [HLS] Stopping transcoder session ANY-ch5.1 @ 0s
2017/10/13 08:35:56 [TNR] Closed connection to 10401921 for ch5.1
[mpegts @ 0x24ee240] Dropped corrupted packet (stream = 1)
[hls @ 0x24f2ca0] failed to rename file /media/TV/Recordings/Channels/Streaming/ANY-ch5.1/stream1.ts.tmp to /media/TV/Recordings/Channels/Streaming/ANY-ch5.1/stream1.

I have the setting set to original (web setting is 720p 6Mb), but setting it to anything else and PiP works just fine. All my channels are MPEG 2, so I’d imagine it shouldn’t be remuxing.


This is fixed in the latest iOS testflight app. Thanks for reporting the issue.


Yup it’s sorted! Thanks for the quick response!

On a side note, any idea what might be causing that failure to rename file entry in the log? I see no ill effects from it, seems to pop up every time now.


That’s a known issue, nothing to worry about.


I’m getting loss of audio when running Picture-in-Picture after +/-30 seconds. It seems as though it takes place during a buffer update. Anyone else having this problem?

2017/10/18 07:50:54 [TNR] Opened connection to 1049508E for ch36.1
2017/10/18 07:50:55 [HLS] Starting transcoder for channel 36.1 (encoder=libx264, resolution=1080, deinterlacer=blend, bitrate=10000)
[ac3 @ 000000000122e860] frame sync error
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
[aac @ 0000000001a78920] Queue input is backward in time
[hls @ 0000000001965940] Non-monotonous DTS in output stream 0:1; previous: 4800, current: 3840; changing to 4801. This may result in incorrect timestamps in the output file.
2017/10/18 07:51:25 [WRN] Buffer for 1049508E ch36.1 is more than 50% full (clients=1, len=16779000)
2017/10/18 07:51:31 [WRN] Buffer for 1049508E ch36.1 is more than 50% full (clients=1, len=16782948)
2017/10/18 07:51:35 [HLS] Stopping transcoder session ANY-ch36.1 @ 30.947589s
2017/10/18 07:51:35 [TNR] Closed connection to 1049508E for ch36.1
[mpegts @ 000000000118c000] Dropped corrupted packet (stream = 1)
[mpeg2video @ 000000000108e400] ac-tex damaged at 15 26
[mpeg2video @ 000000000108e400] Warning MVs not available
[ac3 @ 000000000122e860] incomplete frame


Hmm, looks like your DVR might not be powerful enough to transcode at [email protected] There’s no separate PiP streaming setting, so you’ll have to change the Home Streaming option to something lower


I had something similar ( Linux transcoder oddities (Round 2) ), it would freeze pretty quickly after starting then resume with no audio, I can’t recall seeing that problem since updating to 2017.09.27.1918 and beyond though. Interestingly I had the problem while using the hardware encoder.


@CScott this should be better in the latest beta. PiP will now transcode at 720p/4mbps by default (when Original is selected)


Awesome! As a side benefit it loads almost instantly!

Thank you


which platform(s) supports the PiP? i’m not seeing it on ATV, iOS or Safari browser.


PiP is an experimental feature only present in the iOS testflight beta app.

You should also be able to start PiP via Safari on iPad or macOS.


is there any documentation on PiP that you can direct me to? like what it is/does, and how to turn it on/off? at the moment i’m viewing recordings on MacOS and i’m not seeing any controls for PiP.


If you use Safari on macOS, the video player will show a pip button at the bottom


i am, and i’m just not seeing anything. i see an Airplay button and a Fullscreen button, along with the other typical video playback controls. i know you’ve got better things to do than mess with this at the moment, so don’t let me distract you. i’m thinking a definition of PiP and what it would do for me may be in order at this point. for my entire life, i have only ever known PiP to mean Picture-in-Picture, which would allow you to watch two programs at once, with one overlayed on the other. i’m beginning to think that PiP in Channels has nothing to do with that.



ah, well there you have it. i haven’t upgraded to the latest OS yet, and didn’t realize that references to PiP was to a MacOS feature not a specific Channels feature. sorry to have wasted your time.

that said, a true PiP within channels itself would be nice. or would trying to watch two separate streams from an HDHR Prime on one device (MacOS, iOS, ATV) require too much processor?


It’s a MacOS feature implemented in Channels. You can open multiple streams if you want to using your Safari browser.


The beta test flight version used to allow you to choose PIP or play on device, is this no longer supported in the latest betas?