Picture in Picture on iPhone iOS 14 game changer

Picture in Picture on the iPhone with iOS 14 is one of those features once you experience and use, there is no going back. It's going to be a loved loved loved feature by news junkies reading twitter and sports junkies (when it returns!)

I realize this has been requested many times and the Channels viewer does not use Apple's Native viewer. However, Channels developers please reconsider supporting PIP this fall when iOS 14 releases to a wider audience. I'm sure its a huge undertaking, but the usability a user experiences with PIP versus being locked into the "media viewer" is profound.

So far its working great with (Native Apple media viewer)
ESPN app
ATT TV Now app
Disney+ app
HBO Max app
Youtube from Safari browser only

Even the rounded edges Apple implemented makes the PIP viewer look great on the iPhone screen. Pinch in/out to resize or tap the window to resize.

Few moments you realize a iOS 14 feature that vastly improves the iOS experience. This is certainly one that provides you freedom to continue working, viewing, emailing, reading, etc... Great job Apple! Hopefully Channels iOS one day implements this PIP, as it surely will be appreciated by the masses!


We have an open bug report with Apple about this. If you have an Apple dev account you can file a similar report on feedbackassistant.apple.com

FB7747223 AVPictureInPictureController only works with AVPlayerLayer
The initializer for AVPictureInPictureController only accepts an AVPlayerLayer, and thus PIP cannot be used on iOS or tvOS 14 by custom video players which are based on AVSampleBufferDisplayLayer or underlying graphics technologies such as CAMetalLayer or CAEAGLLayer.


For what it’s worth, whenever I want to do PIP video from Channels I just access it via the web interface, then the PIP button and It’s functionality is available.



I can’t access the above link, do I need to be a part of a beta program or insider of some kind?

Yes, see https://getchannels.com/beta/

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just resubscribed to provide you all the support. I and many others I'm sure appreciate implementing this Picture in Picture for iOS and tvOS. Thanks again!

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Did Apple fix FB7747223 for this to be possible?

Just seen the news letter ref pip - is this via a new update as I can’t seem to see the option on ios14 on the iPad? No update is available though...

So thought I would ask in case I am missing something really basic,


Yep. You need to make sure you have the latest version of the app: 4.4.0

Version 4.4.0 requires iOS 14+. It may be that your device is still on iOS 13. Update to 14.4 that was released today, and the option to update will be available.

Thanks for the reply - yep 14.4 but no update to the app so far.... in the uk if that’s relevant...


Go to the App Store and manually download it. It’s there.

Yep deleting and reinstalling worked a treat :slight_smile: thanks a lot


I’ve noticed there are times the pip button disappears in the iOS app (iPad). Anyone else see this?