Picture quality?

Anything changed with the recent DVR / Android beta that would make the picture quality look like :poop:?

I noticed recordings both OTA and TVE look very choppy and low quality recently. Have there been any changes with Channels that may have caused this?

Which beta version specifically? Can you submit diagnostics? What playback device?

Shield ATV, noticed a few versions back but I'm currently running the latest beta for both DVR and ATV.

It's strange that it's both OTA and TVE where the picture quality looks significantly worse (Channels has always had great picture quality)

DVR: 2021.11.16.1758
ATV: 111.15.54


Strange. How does it look in the official HDHR app?

I noticed it after upgrading from 105.31.1913

Not sure, I'm Channels loyal and only use your app :grin:

So I want back to 105.31.1913 and the picture looks a bit sharper and less choppy. Any major changes between the versions that might be causing this?

The 5.31 build is from May, and there were a lot of changes since: Android TV/Fire TV Beta Notes

What is your Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder set to?

Can you submit diagnostics from the app after playback for a few seconds and the picture quality looks bad. Go to Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics > Video Player

That might be part of the issue. I was using Software as the transcoder on the older version and the new version defaulted to Hardware.

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