Picture skews during live TV playback

So attached is a picture of what is currently going on with my TV during live TV playback. The picture starts to skew 45° and get lines in it after a few minutes of playing on HGTV food Network CBS and a plethora of other channels I'm going to submit my diagnostics but attached is what's going on. this is probably user error on my part and not understanding what's causing it but if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

Clearly, the pink teddy bear is the culprit.


What playback device?

Is this on TVE or a HDHR channel?

Does switching Player > Decoder to Software help?

Good Morning Sir. This is on HDHR channel and I have not switched to software decoding because the picture size gets smaller considerably on my 55" vizio. Using hardware its at least letter box, but not full screen.

I did go in last night, run any applicable updates in windows and switched to the experimental decoder. I'll give that a try tonight and see how it does.

The software decoder seems to do better than hardware. I get a green screen initially when switching channels with the hardware, software does not. Its not an issue, but picture size is, which is why i stay with hardware.

Otherwise i'm beyond happy with this. The channels switch fast and with the auto channel skip its just way ahead of anything verizon (i'm on verizon FIOS) has.

Sounds like it's probably a bug in the FireTV cube model. We recommend the new 4K stick which works much better than all the other FireTVs.

that is what I'm using. At all TV's. Not a cube.