PIP breaks captions

For info - I'm using a TivoStream 4k.
I just discovered the PIP feature, which I think is an awesome feature, which I missed from my old traditional Tivo user experience..

Problem is that when I hit back to go to the guide (for example) and the screen gets small (PIP mode) and then go back to full screen, the captions remain small, as if a size appropriate for the PIP screen, not the full screen. SOMETIMES when I go into the PIP screen the captions actually remain big during the PIP screen, so they dont fit on the PIP screen and are truncated, but seemingly every time I go back to full screen, even when switching channels, the captions are small on the main screen.

I'd love to use this PIP feature, but need the captions more!!

On a related note - I'm not a big Android guy.. is there something I should be doing to update the app on the tivostream? I keep the DVR app updated on my server, but I can't find any way to verify the view app is up to date. I assume/hope this is automatic?


I have noticed the same issue. I need the captions so I don't use the pip. I'm using the Nvidia Shield TV 2019 Pro.

Good to know it's not the playback device I guess.. I'd love for this to be fixed!!

I just was playing with pip and then tried to show stats. It caused the stats to be really small just like the subtitles. I'm not sure if it is somehow related but thought I'd share for troubleshooting.