PIP - Brought up again!

I am aware that Channels uses its own video player for Apple TV, but just curious... Apple announced today that tvOS 14 will make broader use of PIP. Is this something that Channels can take advantage of, or will it still be bound by the same limitations?


iOS 14 pip doesn’t work with the channels iOS app so I’m assuming tvOS won’t either. If that’s not likely to change in the near future, I would probably have to look at moving away from channels tbh.

I like most everything else about channels, but the lack of Picture-in-Picture means that I end up transcoding my shows using a scheduled task so that I can watch them when I’m on my iPad or iPhone. I switched over from Plex because I liked the better overall performance when switching between channels (lowercase “c”) during live TV, even though I sacrificed other features such as the robust library capabilities of Plex. I rarely watch live TV, so without Picture-in-Picture, ditching channels might be the best option, unless you plan to add it. Is it on the horizon, or dependent on Apply changing their framework for AVPictureInPictureController?

iPad and iPhone support for Picture-in-Picture is greatly enhanced in the betas I’ve been using, and I used it much more than I would have expected.


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