PIP crashes when flipping to last channel

When PIP is active, and the last channel is activated by double clicking play button the channel will display full screen and then crash.
This happened every time on a FireTV cube, but the behavior is different on an Onn Android dongle. The Onn device goes full screen on the current channel (not the last channel), but after several times going back to PIP and doing this, it will eventually end up with a blank screen with just the PIP showing.

Submit crash diagnostics from the app after it happens

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diagnostics submitted from FireTV

Dont know if this is the same exact issue or not, but I have had a nagging issue when toggling PIP for a very long time. Since i dont use PIP a lot in channels (most of my PIP viewing is via a third party app called CCTV viewer) , i havent bothered the developers to investigate. But reading this, perhaps this might be related to what i have been experiencing on apple TV.

I use remote shortcuts, and sometimes when I toggle PIP from small screen back to full screen, the video disappears but the audio continues, and i get the guide or whatever static screen i was on. I can still navigate the guide, etc while listening to the audio. If I toggle PIP again, the small PIP window returns with video. In the past i verified that manually jumping back to full screen via the apple tv controls (instead of the remote shortcut toggle) has the same problem, and i can lose the full screen video.

There are two ways to get back my full screen video.
1: Force close the app using control center
2: sometimes if I use the guide to change channels i can get out of this mode. However, sometimes i lose all video and have only a black screen and then i have to force close the app
3: And sometimes on very very rare occasion the app crashes when im switching channels to get out of the stuck mode.


Im happy to submit diags, or spend some time troubleshooting if need be. Otherwise Ive just been force closing the app to get around this.

The issue doesnt happen often and ive never been able to find the set of circumstances to reliably recreate it

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There is no relation between PIP on Android TV and PIP on Apple TV

Sent another crash report from the FireTV cube using the current beta with improved logging