PIP Issue coming from guide

When scrolling through the guide with the little video window going, I double clicked on the "Today Show" which I record to launch it maximized. The app did not handle it properly. It popped up a large black 'playback' error screen, I hit the back button and it shrunk down and there was the prompt to ask me if I wanted to 'watch the recording or watch live'.

I chose 'Watch Recording' and it started, but you can still see the error in the small window.

This happens to me any time a dialog prompt (and the signal notification) comes up while the stream is in PiP. I click my PiP button to make it full screen to be able to choose something.

I don't have a PIP button. I use the native Nvidia Shield remotes.

As an aside, any feature in the app should work with the native remotes.

How about long press on the back button to go back to full screen?