PIP shifted up for bottom R and L corners

This is not so much a bug as a user interface issue for how well CDVR and tvOS play together.

We use HomeKit cameras as our baby monitors and pull them up PIP when watching with CDVR. In tvOS the normal behavior for PIP is that it shifts when user input moves to that section of the screen. In the case of the video player when the timeline bar appears from a pause or FFW a PIP in the bottom right or left corners will shift up so it doesn't hide the timeline bar. Typically in the navite tvOS video player PIP shifts back down once the timeline bar disappears. For the Channels video player PIP acts as if the timeline bar is present always keeping PIP closer to the middle of the screen instead of corner.

This appears to be an issue with how PIP is recognizing the timeline bar.

Please try the latest TestFlight beta. I'm not convinced this will work, but it might.

Got the beta running and it looks promising the PIP window behaves the way it does in every other app. Switching from PIP to video and back seems a little bit less smooth but I’ll watch how it performs over the next little bit and report back. Thanks for pushing this out.


I’m still experiencing this issue with the latest beta and release version. I was actually trying to use both the beta and release version to watch one program in Channels while having another in PIP. While this works, PIP is appearing higher on the screen when watching something in both versions even after the timeline disappears. I also tried with a non-Channels app in PIP with the same results. I can get it to snap to the bottom if I swipe down to show the Quick Guide and it stays there after exiting - even appearing over the timeline if that is displayed again.

Any idea how to get this working consistently? Also, it would be nice if we could watch one program in Channels with another in PIP without having to use two instances…