Pip stopped moving?

Originally when I first began using an ATV for Channels, the PIP would move out of the way if a "selection" was in its way. Now it stays parked and sometimes blocks a highlighted portion of the guide. Did I accidentally change an option? Thanks.
I changed the position, and it works as expected. I guess it just needed a kickstart. All good now.

Um ... so you had an issue, but now it's not an issue, and you cannot replicate it.

Am I correct in how I read your post?

If so, so why is this a post?

Channels2021 first posted because they had a question for the community, about Channels software… because that’s what this forum is for.

Channels2021 then solved their issue, and then edited their post (tagging said addition) to describe what they did, to potentially help others who may have the same issue… because that is what nice people do.

And I, for one, appreciate the sharing of this information, as I’ve experienced the same issue before.

Why ask? How about just ignoring threads that don’t interest you?

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Reading IS fundamental.